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GTST- The Best Dutch Teleseries Ever

Posted in on 4-6-17

GTST- The Best Dutch Teleseries Ever

GTST began on October 1, 1990 and has since then been a favorite show for the Dutch and for many around the world. It is now the longest running soap opera. It has had a successful run of 5000 episodes. What’s interesting to note is that it was the first daily soap in Netherlands. The producer of the show is Joop van den Ende. The first two seasons of the show were inspired by a show called The Restless Years which is an Australian show but since the third season GTST has been entirely different from the Australian show can’t really say that the show was inspired now since GTST has already had more than 20 successful seasons.


The show is set in the backdrop of a fictional town which has been called Meerdjik and revolves around the life of people from five families called Alberts, Sanders, De Jong, Van Hoten and Bouwhuis.


A great array of human emotions is captured by the show with the depiction of events such as marriages, divorce, and kidnapping. Another important ingredient of the show is business. GTST is famous for its cliffhanger situations and when the show stops during summers the audiences left want to know what will happen next. This show was one of the first shows to use this strategy to maintain their viewer population.


This show has made a star out of actors such as Ktja Schuurman, and Reinout Oerlemans.


If you are not a viewer of the show then just let me give you a small example of one of the many cliffhanger situations which this show is famous for. After reading you’d be a fan without even watching the show.


Rik is a famous character of show starts smuggling drugs to Singapore in order to save his son’s name being dragged in the drug smuggling racket. Rik and Anita (lovers) get married and Anita gets pregnant but in the meantime Rik gets arrested for smuggling drugs. A fire breaks out in the cell where Rik is imprisoned and his cell mate dies. Rik who wants to have Anita move on with her life assumes the false identity of his cell mate and pretends to be dead. Anita in the meanwhile marries someone else. But Rik gets released from jail at the same time. Guess what? Rik and Anita reunite and start living happily with their kids. The audience must have been relieved. If you want to catch the show for more, tune in to RTL 4, 8 PM every Monday-Friday, you will be hooked.