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Treats so delicious, that one special Westie told an animal psychic about them! Elvis' Story!

Bone-Appi-Treat creates handmade people-quality dog treats. All treats are made using high quality ingredients, with no added sugar, salt, or preservatives. Most of our treats are low-fat, several are corn-free, and two are wheat-free. Please store all treats in airtight containers, away from heat and moisture.

Does your dog have allergies? We will create a custom recipe for him or her! See our ORDER PAGE.

We have many varieties of treats to choose from, including doggy bagels, pretzels, biscotti, and truffles! Most of our dog treats are low-fat, several are corn-free, and two are wheat-free. If you have a Westie in your life, we have Geordie's Special Edition Westie Trrruffles. We even have several Valentine Dog Treats, including Valentine Doggy Trrruffles and Valentine Cookies. Dog treats are available in 1-pound bags; either natural re-sealable kraft tin-tie bags (pictured below), or adorable paw-print bags for the holidays or any festive occasion. Please store all treats in airtight containers, away from heat and moisture.

dog treats
Dog treats in 1-pound bags

Our delicious dog treats come in many varieties, all bursting with real flavor. Order your dog's favorite.

dog treats
Doggy Tuna Treats
wheat free tuna treats

dog biscuits
Peanut Butter Treats
made with real creamy peanut butter

dog biscuits
Liver-Bone Biscuits
made with liver and bone meal


dog  cookies
Cheesy Hound Rounds
with parmesan cheese

dog treats

dog treats
Bow WOW Bagels
Delicious bagels with honey & carob chips

Bow Wow Bagel Balls are now also available for smaller sized dogs

dog biscuits
Fancy Carob-Dipped Pretzels
Crunchy carob dipped pretzels for your dog, but delicious enough for YOU!

dog biscuits
Doggy Dots
Small-sized treats in five delicious flavors. Perfectly sized for small dogs or for training treats


dog  cookies
Cinnamon Honey B's
Delicious cookies with honey and cinnamon. Also available in decorated heart shapes for Valentine's Day

gourmet dog  treats
Peanut Butter Crunch Trrruffles
Hand-molded truffles, filled with a peanut butter & crushed peanut butter cookie mixture, coated with carob and decorated with confectionary coating


gourmet dog  treats
Doggy Biscotti
Delicious biscotti...try to keep them away from the family! Now also available in bite sized pieces for smaller dogs!

All dog treats were "Lab" tested by Emmi, our chief taste-tester. She was always ready to do her job!


dog cookies
Geordie's Chip Arroos
Dog treats with oats, honey, vanilla, and a carob chip in the middle

dog gifts
Special Orders too!
The perfect dog gifts! Custom birthday cakes and cookies


Please email to place your order. You are also welcome to email with any questions you have about our dog treats.

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